Happy 2017! This year, resolve to make a difference in the life of a dog who needs you. Donate, drive a leg of transport, offer your talents or expertise, advocate, adopt, foster. Everyone can do something.

Welcome to DREAM Dachshund Rescue!

We are completely volunteer operated and all of our dogs are located in foster homes (which means we get to know them really well!). 100% of our operating costs are funded through tax-deductible contributions and fundraising- we receive no government funding. We envision a time when every dachshund in Georgia has a loving home for its entire life. Check out our ‘Who We Are’ page to learn more about us and the way we do what we do.

HOWL-O-WEENIE was a huge success.  Thank you for all who came, volunteered, & enjoyed the special day with us.  Stay tuned for next year’s event details – we are already planning!


You can now find us on Instagram at






We are all a bit shocked that this gem is still here- he’s seriously THE PERFECT DOG! 


This little boy – well, he’s just so cute. On the official ‘DREAM Cuddler Scale,’ he’s a very solid 10. And, he’s a bit of a unicorn in the dachshund world. How so, you ask? Well, he’s housetrained (!) for one.  He’s also free-range in the house when his foster family is away cause he’s so well behaved. Patton enjoys meeting new people and dogs, sleeps in the big bed through the night, and is a superb kisser. He’s not a big barker, not a chewer, not a naughty little boy. Patton would do well in a home with children who have good skills with handling small dogs. He’s gentle and affectionate. He’d also be a great dog for a first time dog owner as he’s such an easy keeper.


Patton, while not a spring chicken, is not a couch potato either. It’s the best of both worlds, really. At 9 years of age, he knows the value of both a good walk and a good nap. Patton’s foster mama has had many dogs through her doors, but Patton, she says, is so very special. He has that joie de vivre that we all seek more of. He’s smart, and he’s the perfect companion. If you’re looking for a cuddler, a kisser and a wonderful little boy, Patton is for you.


Yah, so we have our own private label wine range…… 

Have you placed your order? We are so pleased to announce our wine range!  Sourced in Chile, organic, vegan, gluten free and free trade certified, you can cheers to the pups and your smart shopping with this selection! Something for everyone, and the labels are ours alone- absolutely gorgeous. Great for gifting….or for gifting yourself! Click here for link: CHEERS! 

Choose from the following- (Or order a variety pack)…….

Tiny Dictator Malbec:  Deep purple red in color, displaying aromas of blackberry, plum and violet flowers with a hint of vanilla, this soft and juicy malbec leads with cherry notes, toffee hints followed by a long and pleasant finish. .Best served at room temperature.

Sweet Ride Carmenere: This hand-picked Carmenere presents itself with a brilliant and deep purple, red color in the glass. On the nose there are fresh and fruity aromas, which are accompanied by spicy notes of green pepper. The palate presents an outstanding freshness and softness. This wine is excellent, with fine juicy fruity tannin’s and a long, pleasant finish. Best served at room temperature.

Long Dogue Merlot: Deep and bright ruby red color, displays ripe red fruit aromas; soft and well balanced in the mouth with round tannin’s and a long, complex finish. Best served at room temperature.

Ankle Biter Cabernet Sauvignon : Deep ruby red in color, displaying red fruit aromas with slight smoky notes, this medium to full body cabernet sauvignon boasts firm tannin’s followed by a long and pleasant finish.  Best served at room temperature.

Bark Gable Chardonnay: Bright golden yellow, clean and bright fruit aromas abound; soft floral notes with a touch of oak highlights the smooth acidity and elegant finish of this chardonnay.  Best served chilled.

Virginia Woof Sauvignon Blanc: Light yellow with green shades, this crisp sauvignon blanc promotes a great balance of citric aromas and mineral notes which showcases the typical freshness of the variety with a long and subtle finish. Best served lightly chilled.

TIPS ON SHIPPING (Worth a read!!)

Shipping is what it is- we have no control over the prices on that- blame the USPS! If you order say, one bottle, shipping will be about $16.00, however, if you order 6 bottles, shipping will be about $18.00! So, hey, you know what to do! Order several at a time, or go in with a friend and split shipping. Another tip- for whatever reason (???) shipping is about $5 cheaper if sent to a business versus a residence. Go figure!


How can you help? Glad you asked….

DREAM’s biggest need is donations to cover veterinary costs for our foster dogs. Your 100% tax-deductible contributions may be made via the Paypal link at the top of the page or via check to the address below: (And we’ll send you a letter for your taxes!) 

DREAM of Ga, Inc.
P.O. Box 3397
Decatur, GA 30031


Employee matching programs - Does your employer offer these?  We are registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization , so we are authorized to receive funds if you select us! 


Bequeath a charitable gift to DREAM in your will


Set your homepage to smile.amazon.com and get shopping at the same prices you found on amazon.com. When you are finished, place your order and select DREAM Dachshund Rescue of GA as the charity you are supporting with your purchase.  Amazon will donate 5% of the total at no cost to you through their Foundation. Do it for your personal purchases, and also have a say in corporate giving, too!



When you shop at www.petmywiener.com and use the code DREAM, we’ll get 20% of your purchase! WIN-WIN! And did I mention, they ship internationally? Yep, they do! 




GoodWorld is a way to make it easy for you to donate, and to get your friends to do so as well. Turn your birthday, wedding, graduation  or any other special day into a chance to raise funds for DREAM with #donate!  With Goodworld’s technology, friends can #donate directly on DREAM’s Facebook or Twitter pages and support YOUR special day from the comfort and convenience of their own phone or computer….no shopping, no lines, and always the right size! Create your legacy.


Kroger Community Rewards- Do you have your card? It’s free for you, and there is no effect on your gas points to select DREAM as your charity of choice. Simply Google Kroger Community Rewards, or even easier, click here and enter 52714 in the search box. It’s our special code. Once it comes up, just select DREAM Dachshund Rescue and then, Enroll. Boom, done! And recruit your friends! 



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