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We envision a time when every dachshund in Georgia has a loving home for its entire life. We believe that the welfare of our companion animals is an indication of the health of our society. We see the current welfare of our companion animals as a disease.

 To treat the symptoms of this disease, we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dachshunds in need. To treat the causes of this disease, we educate the public on compassionate dog guardianship of any breed. We want to have a deep, direct impact in a limited geographic area, rather than a small impact in a large geographical area.


We put the welfare of our dogs first. We will not take in a dog that we cannot properly care for.


Each of us contributes what we most love to do, so we maintain our enthusiasm over the long term. We get through the hard stuff together.


We believe that people learn through experiencing the positive, not from being lectured or judged. Our education materials and methods will reflect that value.


We believe that a small group can make a deep impact in a limited geographic area. We take care to maintain our focus so that our time and resources are spent making that deep impact.


We are volunteers. We value each other and the contribution we each make. We stay motivated by making sure that we enjoy working together and having fun.


For the dogs, of course, but also for each other and for the people and organizations we want to educate.


We raise as much as we spend. Ast least ninety cents of every dollar is spent directly on medical care for dogs.


We document our processes, so that our successes can be replicated with other groups. In this way we can have a broader positive impact over time.




Michele Mazzei 

My life's mission is to create and strengthen bonds between people, animals and the natural world. I was designed for sharing my joy of animals and nature with others. There is beauty in all living things, even those often misunderstood like insects and snakes (AND dachshunds!) By working with DREAM, I help give long dogs another chance at life while enriching the lives of humans they come in contact with. As people learn and experience life in the company of other animals, we discover things about ourselves and become more compassionate about other humans and all living things. Anyone who has visited my house has had a learning experience with my menagerie. I know my life is enriched each day with DREAM.


Ivy Carruth

Being a founding member of DREAM and serving on the Board of Directors is something that feeds my soul more than I ever could have imagined. After adopting my sweet Grace, I was in it, hook, line and sinker. I got such support from my adoption coordinator and I thought- ‘I want to do this.’ Back when we first started (2005!), we got so excited every time we pulled in a dog, and even more so when we received an application that was a good match. You know what? That hasn’t changed one iota. Dachshunds are the only dog I’ve ever had. What I was born into, has continued to this day. They are spunky, clever, sassy. They think they’re smarter than we are. In 2012, we moved to Australia, ALL of us, including the 3 sausages. The world is small. Flying back for the ever fabulous Howl-O-Weenie is something I do every year. I also work on managing the social media aspect of the organization and I have my hands in a bit of everything. I’m glad you found us. Some of the best dogs I’ve ever met in my life, grateful, weary but hopeful, have been through rescue. I’m the lucky one for being a part of it.


Kim Hembree

Accountant by day, dachshund lover for life!!! I'm a wife, dog mom, & foster dog mom, (among other things.) I live on the north side of Atlanta & have many Dachshunds & a Gordon Setter, who is the mother hen of the group. My husband loves the dogs just as much as I do. Dachshunds have been a part of my life since I was 5 years old, and I can’t imagine my home without them.  The 'permanent staff'  help us a lot with the new ones, giving them the confidence that everything is going to be alright. I started fostering due to my love of the breed & seeing so many dogs in need. People ask “how can you do it – how can you let them go? …when I see the smiles on the faces of the dog & the new family, I just know that I am doing the right thing. I am merely a bridge for that dog who just needs a second chance as well as the family that is searching & yet to find their next pet. What could be more rewarding?!?

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Cristina Dumitrescu

I was born in Romania and came to the US when I was 10 years old. I've lived in the Atlanta area ever since. When I was a kid and throughout school I knew I wanted to help people but I could never quite figure out what that meant. During college, I started to figure things out and I ended up dedicating my professional career to the non-profit sector. For years things were going wonderfully with my 2 cats and my dachshund until 2018 when I lost my little doxie baby to unforeseen circumstances. I then lost one of my cats in 2019 to cancer. After this tough time, I didn't feel ready to ‘replace’ any of my fur babies, and I was really feeling a big empty hole in my heart – that’s when I found DREAM Dachshund Rescue. I became a foster parent and I've adored every second of it;  the cuddles, kisses, walks, and even the bittersweet departures. I can now say that my days and nights are both devoted to non-profit work and it is endlessly rewarding- my cup is full, in the best possible way. I've met great people, gotten to snuggle amazing pups, and started a path towards a fulfilling life. Here are some things I learned as a foster parent: Doxies don’t know that they aren't 7 feet tall, the cute puppy-dog eyes go a long way and they know how to use them, these little ones are incredibly smart and stubborn, and I’m a complete and total sucker for cuddles.


Krissy Finch

I first encountered DREAM in 2004 at the infamous Howl-O-Weenie.  I'd just graduated from college, and moved to Atlanta from South Georgia.  I had a dachshund as a very small child but hadn't had a dog since then.  That visit to Howl reminded me how much I looooooove this breed!  Many, many Howl visits later, I adopted a DREAM dog.  Adopting led to volunteering, volunteering led to fostering, fostering led to more adopting – and now I'm so happy to continue supporting this amazing rescue group by joining the Board.  In my daily life, I'm a CPA/road cyclist/amateur photographer/beer snob.  No matter how varied my hobbies may be, my love for dachshunds never changes.

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