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The Wiener Tales Blog: Issue 1

Sometimes we give our foster dogs alter egos, and from time to time, we'll share those stories with you. Stories that we love, that keep us moving forward, and those we've added some 'sauce' to, because these dogs, y'all.

They are a hoot.

So, we'll start with Ms. Edna. She's a legend among legends. And for issue numero uno, she's the one that kicks it all off.

We'd like to introduce Ms. Edna to the world.

Ms. Edna, and she prefers her whole name, please and thank you, is a DREAM alumna extraordinaire.

Hailing from nondescript small-town USA, she's always aspired to a big bold future and left the sticks behind when she was a mere 17. It was she and her first husband, and that was back in 19dontberude.

Current day Edna, though? She's feisty and fierce, apologizing to not one soul for her behavior, which she has certainly earned the right to. She's like the awesome wine aunt we all wish we'd had as children.

She loves Mexican food (okay, just margaritas really) and believes celery, kale and tofu is for chumps.

Three packs of Virginia Slims get her through the day. She lies in the tanning bed she's owned since 1982 for a 'bit of color' after her first cup of morning coffee (black) and her order of bacon (extra crispy).

What? No. Of course, she doesn't make it herself, she has someone in her life who takes care of it. In fact, she's been married eight times (to seven men).

But that's a story for another day.


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