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Folks we appreciate... Second Life Upscale Resale in Avondale Estates

This isn't your typical thrift store.

We're talking Coach bags. Designer wedding dresses, antique first editions, baseball cards, vintage clothing to-die-for, and upscale home furnishings. There used to be a fab pair of like-new Bally riding boots there too, but I brought them home with me. (Ya snooze, ya lose.)

“It’s truly like a treasure hunt at our stores,” Mahrous says. “We get so many people telling us that we’re their favorite place to shop.”

Opened in 2011 after Tanya Mahrous stumbled upon a similar operation at her high-school reunion in Nebraska, it was a true labor of love. After quitting her airline marketing career, Tanya spent a year researching the industry, making a business plan, and shadowing the thrift shop owner that initially inspired her. It's safe to say, it's been wildly successful.

“We wanted to follow our passions and make a difference in the world for animals — without sitting in a cubicle for the second half of our careers.”

Since its doors opened, they've grown ever larger and more impactful. Together with her partner, Toby Tobias, Second Life has given back over 2 MILLION DOLLARS to pet charities. They've not regretted it for a moment or felt


Here's how it works.

Supporters donate their gently used goods to the store, See guidelines here.

Decluttering feels like FREEDOM!!!! (The donations received here are NEXT LEVEL.)

Shoppers shop the 5000+ square foot main store for allllll the things – clothing, books, china, antiques, furniture, pet supplies, décor and more. (The store is 100% pet-friendly)

Did I mention you can shop online??

Missing some cuddle time? Have some spare hours in the week to donate to a great cause with fun people? Well, c'mon then, volunteer!

They're also up and running with their foster cat adoption program again!

For a complete list of the 70+ lucky animal charities, including pet food banks, spay/neuter organizations and rescue groups that have been beneficiaries of grants from Second Life, click here.

Located: 1 N. Clarendon Avenue, Avondale Estates GA 30002

Phone: 678 974-5671

Hours: Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 12-5

Weds 11-6

Sun & Mon- closed

Donations accepted: Tues-Sat from 12-4

We'll see you there!


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