Ways to Help


DREAM’s areas of focus are Atlanta and Savannah metro areas.  Whenever possible, we will also help dachshunds in other areas of the state (or neighboring states), but as an all-volunteer group, our hands are full with just these areas — so many dachshunds in need!  Financial responsibility is also of paramount importance to us.

Vacation Fostering

“Vacation fosters” jump in when one of our our foster homes need a backup. If you would like to vacation foster, please fill out our foster application from the perspective of short-term fostering.


All year round, we need people to drive dogs from shelters, to the vet, to their foster homes.  It’s a lot of coordination, and we have only a small number of people.

We also can use help with Howl-O-Weenie, our annual October event.  Can you volunteer for an hour or two cooking hotdogs, selling t-shirts, managing the flow of contests, helping with registration, setting up, or cleaning up?

Of course — Donations

If you can help financially, we are always in need of donations to pay for veterinary care for our dachshunds. Since we are volunteer-run, and have many of our services donated or bartered, our non-veterinary expenses are extremely low. And because we are 501C3, your donations are tax-deductible!  Our policy is that 90% of our funds raised go to medical care, but the reality is closer to 95%.  Contact our Treasurer, Krissy –  helpmedream@gmail.com if you have any questions about donating.  You can donate via the paypal button below, or mail a check to our treasurer’s office at:
DREAM of GA Inc.
P.O. Box 4323
Marietta, GA 30061.

Put Us in Your Will

If you can’t give money now, how about after you’re gone? You can leave a legacy of love by recognizing DREAM in your estate plan.  Any amount will help tremendously: a % of your IRA, a % of total estate, or a set amount.  Your gift also communicates your values to your loved ones, letting them know how important your dachshunds have been to you.

And please — make sure you have made plans for your own animals in your will, so they do not end up needing rescue if something happens to you.

Have you considered starting a rescue?

Please contact helpmedream (at) gmail.com if you are interested in starting your own rescue group.  We can set you up with forms, processes, legal templates, and lots of advice and support.  Rescue is a grassroots thing, and we think it works best done on a small scale by lots of people.


We are set up with Amazon Smile — whenever you shop from Amazon, if you do it through this link, and specify DREAM, we get a donation!  http://smile.amazon.com/

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What else can I do?

There are far more dachshunds than there are homes; please do not add more to that number.

If you cannot donate time or money, the biggest things you can do to help dachshunds are:

  • make sure your own are spayed or neutered
  • until we have licked the overpopulation problem, adopt instead of buying from a breeder or petstore
  • talk about rescue to everyone you know. Let them know that rescue dogs are not “problem” dogs — they are just dogs. They come from every situation. There is no such thing as a “typical rescue dog.”

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

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