Who We Are

DREAM is a rescue for dachshunds and dachshund mixes. We focus on dogs and homes in our geographical area – Atlanta, North Georgia, and Savannah. Our mission is supported solely through donations, and we are run completely by volunteers.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a time when every dachshund in Georgia has a loving home for its entire life. We believe that the welfare of our companion animals is an indication of the health of our society. We see the current welfare of our companion animals as a disease. To treat the symptoms of this disease, we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dachshunds in need. To treat the causes of this disease, we educate the public on compassionate dog guardianship of any breed. We want to have a deep, direct impact in a limited geographic area, rather than a small impact in a large geographic area.

Values and Guiding Principles

Dog welfare.
We put the welfare of our dogs first. We will not take in a dog that we cannot adequately care for.

Friendship and Fun. We are volunteers. We value each other and the contribution we are making. We can stay motivated by making sure that we enjoy working together and have fun.

Using Our Gifts. Each of us contributes what we most love to do, so we maintain our enthusiasm over the long term.

Compassion. For the dogs, of course, but also for each other and for the people and organizations we want to educate.

Positive examples. We believe that people learn through experiencing the positive, not from being lectured or judged. Our education materials and methods will reflect that value.

Financial responsibility. We raise as much as we spend. At least 90% of our funds are spent directly on medical care for dogs.

Focus. We believe that a small group can make a deep impact in a limited geographic area. We take care to maintain our focus so that our time and resources are spent making that deep impact.

Replicability. We document our processes, so that our successes can be replicated with other groups. In this way we can have a broader geographic impact over time.

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