HOWL Contests

The contests are one of the best parts of Howl-O-Weenie. The dogs and their families have so much fun — and that’s what it’s all about, right? Having fun and raising money for the little long-dogs in need.  All proceeds go to vet care for DREAM’s foster dachshunds.

Each contest has a prize of a fantastic gift basket. It’s like a raffle, but more fun. Sign up for each contest at the Contest Booth. You must have signed up in advance to join a contest! (Exception: Hokey Pokey has no signups). There is a $5 entry fee for each dog for each contest. Listen for the announcements to hear when your group is coming up. Line up when it gets close, and the rest just comes naturally. If you are a group winner or finalist, make sure to go back to the booth for your certificate. And if you’re a big kahuna winner, go collect your prize basket!

Costume Contest

3 Prize Baskets! And 10 finalists!  When you sign your dog up, you will be assigned a group. These are not organized by any category, but in order of sign-up. Be sure to keep your group number! This is your ticket for the contest. When your group number is called, line up with your dog on a leash. The dogs will be called one at a time. When your dog is called, “parade” down the line in front of the audience and judges.  Have fun with it!  Ham it up!

The judges will make notes and select about 10 finalists from ALL the groups. Judges will consider:

  • cleverness / creativity,
  • homemade quality / artisanship, and
  • good execution –that is, can the dachshund walk in the durn thing?

The 10 finalists go into a last round, parade again, one at a time, so that the entire festival can watch. They will then line up each behind a “Voting Jar.” The crowd will vote with money for the People’s Choice: $1 per vote. Costume with the most votes wins Peoples’ Choice. (Remember, this is a fund-raiser!)

The judges will choose 2 winners:

  • A Purist’s Award (which can NOT include any kind of float)
  • Judge’s Choice (which can be anything).

Each of those wins a prize basket.  So a total of 3 chances to win a basket!  Every finalist receives a signed certificate; so if you’re a finalist, remember to go get yours after all the costume contest fun is done!

Howling Contest

Our traditional first contest kicks off the entire HowlOWeenie shebang.  This contest is unscientific and subjective!  Have fun with it! When your group is called, line up with your dog on a leash. One dog will howl at a time. You can hold the dog, sit, stand, whatever will work. At GO, encourage your dog to howl. We will count 30 seconds. A judge will note the quality, length and “emotion” of howl, and award the winner.  AROOOO!

Kissing Contest

When your group is called, line up with your dog on a leash. We will recruit one volunteer “kiss counter” for each entrant. (Not someone the dog knows!) A “kiss” is one face lick. When GO is called, encourage your dog to kiss you. (No bribes with peanut butter on your face!) Volunteer judges count the kisses during 30 seconds. At end of 30 seconds, the emcee gets a “report” from each volunteer and declares a winner. Pucker Up — the one winner gets a fantastic prize basket!

Dachshund Dash Race

4 Divisions for 4 Prize Baskets! (and finalists by group!)

  • Speedy Wieners-11 years and younger
  • Seniors-12 years and over
  • Wheelchair Dachsies
  • Dachshund Wannabes-all dog that are not dachshunds

When you sign up, you will be assigned to a group. You must have 2 people per dog to enter the race. If you don’t have 2 people, find someone who will be your starting line person. They’ll love it!  When your group is called, one person lines up with your dog at the starting line. The other goes to the finish line.

When GO is called and the starting pole is raised, let your dog go. The person at the finish line starts calling the dog. Squeaky toys, treats, whatever it takes to entice your dog to run in a straight line to you, are permissible.  This is a race of focus, not speed.

Starting line people: Watch your chins! And your dogs’ chins! Dog must start on the ground – do not “throw” your dachshund!

Finish line people: Stay back from the line to give your dog room to cross it! You don’t want to lose because your dog stopped to kiss you before his back legs made it across the finish line!

People must always stay behind their lines. Anyone crossing the line forfeits – don’t do it! First dog with ENTIRE BODY ACROSS THE LINE wins the round. Finalists go into a final round. We will have “line judges” to decide between ties. One year was an actual photo finish!

Dachshund Dunk: Bobbing for Hot Dogs

One Prize Basket! (and finalists by group!) When you sign up, you will be assigned to a group. Dogs will compete in groups of 10. When your group is called, bring your dachshund on a leash to one of the bowls of water. Water will be poured to a specific depth, and measured so that each dog has the same depth of water. In the water will be 2 pieces of hot dog. At GO, a volunteer will drop a 3rd piece of hot dog into the bowl. The dog that eats all 3 pieces of hot dog first wins the round. All round winners then compete in a final round to name the Champion Bobber. GREED IS GOOD!

Doxie Hokey Pokey

This is a FREE contest open to anyone with a dachshund (Oh, what the hey, even if you DON’T have a dachshund,you can still dance!) Come on out to the field, and just follow the instructions as they are sung. (Put your red dog in, put your red dog out…. Put your dapple dog in, put your dapple dog out….etc). Make sure not to dangle your dog – we don’t want any HowlOWeenie back injuries! Judges will make their choice for the dancer with the most passion and wild abandon! And yes, that hokeypokeyer gets a basket too!

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