Howl-O-Weenie is ON like Dachshund Kong!

Joaquin may have rained us out, but he can’t keep Howl-O-Weenie down for long!  

The happiest, waggiest day of the year (and also a big way we fund our foster dogs’ veterinary care) is re-scheduled for Saturday, October 24, at Clayton County International Park.  This is a beautiful location with a large field for doxie play and contests and ample parking.  We have two pavilions, a big tent, and a large field reserved.  THANK YOU to everyone who was so supportive during our Joaquin reboot!

Wiener dog fun: Costume Contest, Howling Contest, Face Kissing Contest, Races (several categories), Dachshund Dunk. Contest rules here – you may want to PRINT this page!

Artist / Vendor Market (to apply for a space, email, Silent auction (to donate, email, Music, beer,hotdogs (of course), and photo opportunities galore.

We need volunteers to work FUN 2-hour shifts! Email to help out if you have never volunteered before.  If you have, go right to the volunteer sign-up website!

Bring yourlawnchairsand your belly laughs –HowlOWeenieis the happiest day of the year!

Great HOWL photos posted to the AJC, Flicker, and Dave Massey Photography. (HOWL 2013 pictures can still be found HERE & HERE.) THANK YOU Dave Massey and Cindy Hill for donating your great photography skills to us yet again!

Please visit our 2014 Howl-O-Weenie Sponsors!

Pictures from 2011 HowlOWeenie
Pictures from 2010 HowlOWeenie
Thank you Becky Rentz Photography!

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